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Artist Statement

I love to travel the roads of America with my cats, Lance and
Bobbi Sue, in our vintage motor coach... to be searching for
potential portraits of this beautiful country.

I love making great photographs. 
Though a land-bound commercial photographer for 25 years,
I've always felt a need to go. I guess I'm a bit of lone-wolf
Edward Hopper, a bit of tough-guy Ernest Hemingway,
and, like both of them, I've always been enamored with the sea.
The sea is relentless and unforgiving, but also reassuringly
consistent.  And I am in awe of its sentry, the lighthouse; how it
silhouettes the endless sky, straddles the rugged land,
shoulders the powerful water. 

It is portrait-worthy. 

It's a rush, riding out to the shore on my Harley in the
pre-dawn darkness, anticipating the moment of sunrise.
The ever-changing light, the shadows and reflections it casts,

are amazing in this environment. But some days it does not

find its balance, though the lighthouse stands ready.

So I will return as often as needed, because it's a waiting
game I love to play with the sun.  I will spend hours finessing its
proper balance. To capture that light, just as it shapes my
portrait composition perfectly, is when the timeless
icons of the sea become art.

I hope that you enjoy viewing these images, as much
as I've enjoyed photographing them.